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the cast of 1883 miss all their days on the set of the Paramount+ drama, but make no mistake, the days and nights were brutal on the Yellowstone precursor.

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While promoting the series on Sunday at a panel at Deadline’s Contenders TV event, star Tim McGraw spoke about the lack of sleep and bathing while filming the limited series in Texas and Montana. The series, from producer Taylor Sheridan, follows James Dutton (McGraw) and his wife Margaret (Faith Hill) as they make the arduous journey from Texas to Montana. The cast also includes Isabel May as the Dutton’s only daughter, Elsa, Sam Elliott as Shea Brennan, veteran and Civil War leader, and LaMonica Garrett as Shea’s right-hand man, Thomas.

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All were on the Contenders stage Sunday, a day after the mothership series Yellowstone participated in Deadline’s awards season event.

“As a musician you don’t see many sunrises. I think I’ve seen a few sunrises for a while,” McGraw joked today. “When Faith and I sat down to sign the contracts, I said, ‘We’re no longer in charge. We are hired hands. We’ll never have a comfortable day.’ We were either piping hot or freezing cold. There weren’t many showers until I was forced occasionally. It was hard work.”

“There’s not a single person who would say otherwise,” Hill said. “We were so committed and believed in the story so much. It’s the truth. We wanted to do everything we could to make it happen.”

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Garrett, whose character is a former Pinkerton agent who met Elliott’s Shea during the Civil War, said it was the “toughest job he’s ever had,” but he’s especially proud of starring in a western — so much so that he killed his mother. invited to the Las Vegas premiere of 1883.

“There aren’t many black cowboys out there, especially in the TV genre,” Garrett said. “I know what it means to a lot of people, I know what it means to myself and to my mother. I knew I had to do it right.”

Since the drama will not have a second season, Paramount+ will submit 1883 in the Limited Series category for the Emmys. Elliott and May will compete in the Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress categories, while McGraw, Hill and Garrett will be submitted for consideration in the Supporting categories.

At the end of the panel, Elliott took a moment to apologize or the comments he made about Netflix’s earlier in the Oscar season. The power of the dog while doing Marc Maron’s WTF podcasting.

“I wasn’t very outspoken about it. I didn’t word it right,” Elliott said. “And I’ve said some things that hurt people and I feel terrible about that. The gay community has been wonderful to me throughout my career. And I mean my whole career, from before I started in this city. Friends at every level and every job description until today. I’m sorry I hurt one of those friends and someone I loved. And everyone else because of the words I used.”

His co-star Hill followed by yelling, “We love Sam!”

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