33 Famous People Who Don’t Respect People Anymore


“Kat Von D went from the top of the tattoo and cosmetics world to the banner of anti-vax bullshit with just one Instagram post. But then again, she was always problematic. It just took a while for most people to figure it out.”


“I always thought she was so cool, and I thought if I could afford it, I’d buy all her makeup. Turns out she’s just the worst and an anti-vaxxer. I’m excited her former brand has no ties to her anymore, so I can buy from them now.”


Kat Von D addressed the anti-vaxx allegations on Instagram, writing, “My husband and I are NOT anti-vaxxers. Just because we have hesitations and well-founded concerns about injecting our baby with specific chemicals and toxins doesn’t mean that we’re up against something.”

The Washington Post recently reported that, according to its publicist, Kat Von D has been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

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