4 best free-agent point guards to sign after missing on Kyrie, Wall

The Los Angeles Lakers were dragged along by Kyrie Irving only for the all-star point guard to return to the Brooklyn Nets and fulfill his four-year commitment to Kevin Durant and the team.

Shortly after the Kyrie report, John Wall decided to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers after being bought out by the Washington Wizards. Wall would have been a solid backup point guard option and instead, he is playing for the Lakers’ cross-hall rivals.

The team still has Russell Westbrook at point guard but there is a hole behind him on the roster. Plus, with the potential of a buyout if things aren’t working out in the future, the Lakers need to make sure they land a quality backup point guard.

Here are the 4 best free-agent point guards the Los Angeles Lakers can sign:

4. Dennis Schroder

Dennis Schroder signed for the Taxpayer MLE last season and did not really do anything to increase his value this summer. Now, the player who turned down a four-year, $84 million contract from the Lakers might only get the veteran minimum.

Schroder is familiar with playing with LeBron James and he did have his moments in LA. While he was not good enough to be the third-best player on the team, he absolutely is good enough to be a backup point guard that provides quality minutes.

Schroder could also make the leap into getting starting minutes if Westbrook were to get let go. While it is not ideal to have him play 30 minutes per game, he is someone who can do that and has done it before with the Lakers.

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