43 photos of the Strangeways prison uprising in 1990 aired as new documentary

It has been 32 years since the Strangeways prison riots in 1990, becoming the longest prison riot in British history.

The month of disruption began as a protest against the poor conditions in Strangeways, and led to authorities losing control of Manchester’s Victorian prison.

On April 1, the Strangeways riots brought Greater Manchester to a standstill. Hundreds of inmates surrendered after the first few days of disorder, but a group of rioters continued to stage a rooftop protest at Southall Street prison for the next 25 days.

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The riots claimed the lives of a prisoner and a prison guard and left a total of 147 staff and 47 inmates injured.

The violent and sometimes terrifying ordeal included rooftop clashes between inmates and prison guards, regular beatings and even sparked similar protests in prisons across the country. It also started a conversation about improving prison standards across the country.

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The prison riot that shook the nation is at the heart of Channel 5’s latest feature-length documentary. The Strangeways Riot: 25 Days of Mayhem, airing March 17.

Here we look back at some of the captured moments from the riot more than 30 years later.

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