Alex Jones Evades Jail, Risks $25K Daily Fine Until He Satisfies Sandy Hook’s Testimony

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NEWTOWN – Alex Jones was punished with an escalating $25,000 daily fine for “deliberately failing to comply with court orders” to give preliminary testimony in the defamation case he lost in Connecticut to eight families whose loved ones were killed shooting into the Sandy Hook.

The fine, which can reach six figures in just four days, was imposed on Wednesday by state Superior Court judge Barbara Bellis after Jones twice disobeyed court orders last week to sit for a statement, citing to the orders of doctors to refrain from stressful activities.

“The court finds with clear and convincing evidence that Mr. Jones has intentionally and in bad faith and without justification failed to comply with clear court orders requiring his testimony,” Bellis said at a hearing, where she also charged him with contempt of court. held.

Bellis, who could have issued a warrant for Jones’ arrest to force him to testify, instead said the escalating daily fine would begin Friday and end only after Jones gave a full day of testimony.

“If Mr. Jones’ counsel this afternoon informs counsel (of the families) that he will sit on Friday (for questioning under oath) and if he does, there will be no fine,” the judge said by way of example. “If Mr. Jones is on Tuesday, April 5, the fine will be $25,000 for Friday and $50,000 for Monday for a total of $75,000.”

The sanctions against Jones, the host of “Infowars” who “staged”, “synthetic”, “manufactured”, “a giant hoax” and “completely fake” the 2012 shooting of 26 first-graders and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School with actors,” is the latest development in a story that has been in the national headlines for the past week.

On Tuesday, Jones offered an FBI agent and 18 members of 10 families who lost loved ones in the school shootings $120,000 each to settle the lawsuits he lost against them in Texas and Connecticut late last year.

In Connecticut, the FBI agent and 14 people from eight families rejected Jones’ offer, calling it “a transparent and desperate attempt by Alex Jones to escape public swearing with his deceitful, profit-driven campaign against the plaintiffs. “

The four other parents in the two Texas defamation cases have not yet officially responded to Jones’s offer, according to their lead Texas attorney, Mark Bankston. But on Wednesday, one of those parents told Hearst Connecticut Media that he would turn down Jones’s settlement offer and “go to court to fight him.”

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