All Ariana Grande songs, ranked

Bestinau got that-

19. “Breaking out” (My everything, 2014): Imagine being all over the place in public, hearing “Break Free” and not absolutely losing your s–t. I could never be!

18. “pete davidson” (Sweetener2018): The fact that Ariana named an entire song – one that will outlive us all – to Pete Davidson, just makes me harder. She loves love, folks! And “pete davidson” is a FANTASTIC love song. In an ideal world we would end up with a 10-minute version of the song à la T. Swift’s “All Too Well”.

17. “needy” (thanks next, 2019): Ariana started teasing “needy” long before the song made its way onto Thank you, next, but thankfully that didn’t take anything away from it. Instead, the track is one of the best on the album.

16. “good night and go” (Sweetener2018): Ariana put her own spin on it Imogen Heap‘s song of the same name, and the result was a dreamy melody that combines its best features with those of Heap, who happens to be one of Ariana’s all-time favorite artists.

15. “A last time” (My everything2014): “One Last Time” takes on a deeper meaning after the Manchester attacks in 2017 – it was re-released to raise money for those affected by the tragedy – “One Last Time” is a special song for many of her fans, but even on its own, the song is bursting at the seams with sincerity and emotion, making the listening experience quite cathartic.

14. “The Way” (feat. Mac Miller, Undersigned2013): “The Way” shouldn’t have worked as Undersigned‘s first single, but it did. The song debuted at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and later peaked at #9, marking both Ariana and Mac Miller’s first Hot 100 top 10 hit. But commercial success aside, “The Way” is just infectiously good, and remains a fun listening experience so far.

13. “It’ll be fine” (Dangerous woman2016): Are you a real Ariana fan even if you haven’t memorized the choreography “Be Alright”?

12. “to breathe” (Sweetener2018): Ariana gets candid about her struggles with anxiety and her mental health on “breathing,” but the song is relatively soothing and at best a reminder to carry on no matter what.

11. “Honeymoon Avenue” (Undersigned, 2013): A timeless bop that combined many of the elements that would come to define her musical style – R&B, doo-wop and, of course, big vocals – it doesn’t get more Ariana Grande than “Honeymoon Avenue”. Rarely is the opening track of a debut album so impressive.

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