Angel Lynn Gives Mom First Hug In 18 Months As Family Reveals Amazing Progress

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Angel Lynn’s parents have revealed that she gave her mother a hug for the first time since her paralysis. It comes after the family was told several times to expect the worst.

Angel, who was described as a vivacious young woman, was unable to walk, talk or eat after the horrific injuries she sustained in September 2020 at the hands of her boyfriend, Chay Bowskill. Angel, then 19, was abducted when she walked near her home in Loughborough in September 2020 and was forced into a van driven by Bowskill’s friend, Rocco Sansome, the Mirror reports.

It was on the A6 that Angel fell from the van and suffered serious brain damage that left her paralyzed and left her family horrified. Now there seems to be some hope, 18 months later.

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The extent of Angel’s injuries was so severe after the accident that she required emergency surgery for a brain hemorrhage. Since then, she has suffered a series of debilitating seizures.

Doctors had feared the worst with Angel from the start. After contracting Covid-19, she nearly died, leaving her family with the potential heartbreak that could come.

“They let us sleep with her all week because they said she wouldn’t make it,” her mother Nikki revealed.

She persevered, however, and since the horrific incident, Mother Nikki has held her daughter tight every day, squeezing every ounce of love she could into her daughter’s motionless body. Angel showed no response for months, but that changed two weeks ago.

For the first time since her kidnapping, Angel responded to Nikki’s hug and put her right arm around her mother in return. With one hand lightly pressed to Nikki’s back, Angel moved to stroke her hair.

It’s a moment Nikki never thought would happen. She, husband Paddy and the rest of Angel’s family had been told on several occasions that Angel might die, which made the hug all the more special.

Angel can now use a TV remote – an important development in her recovery

“She just put her hand right around my back and started tapping me,” Nikki said. “She didn’t hug much, she was a typical teenager, but she would give you a hug if you were upset. It’s very special to have that hug now.”

Bowskill was jailed for seven and a half years in January after being found guilty of kidnapping, control and coercion and perverting the course of justice, while Sansome was jailed for 21 months for his part in the kidnapping. It was a decision that infuriated the Lynn family, with the Court of Appeals increasing Bowskill’s jail term to 12 years two weeks ago.

Coincidentally, during this stressful time for the family, Angel had her incredible breakthrough. As if a hug wasn’t big enough, Angel, who is now 21 and receives 24-hour care, has smiled and even tried to give a kiss.

She also waved, held the TV remote, and wrote words in response to questions, all with her right hand. She also makes noises – a sign that could eventually lead to her revealing exactly what happened to her on that fateful day.

“A doctor called me once and said, ‘Nikki, you’re going to have to accept that Angel isn’t going to make it,'” recalls Nikki, 54. won’t be a miracle.” But a miracle has happened. That hug was a miracle. She always looked right through you, there was nothing in her eyes at all. She can now smile spontaneously.

“When she started making the noises, we gave her a pen and paper and said, ‘Are you okay? Are you hurt?’ And she wrote ‘No’. She can give you a thumbs up for yes. She can now press her nurse’s button to arouse them, she understands that humor.”

“She had a cheeky sense of humor. Little by little, I feel like we’re starting to get her back.”

Papa Paddy is also overwhelmed by his daughter’s progress.

“She kissed me,” he said. “She puts her hand over her mouth and holds it there for at least a minute, then tries to blow. She’ll try. It means a lot.”

The avalanche of minor milestones coincided with Angel being given the antispasmodic medication Baclofen. It’s a step they hope she can repeat with her seizure medication in an effort to get her back to eating. Angel is currently being fed to her stomach through a tube.

EXCLUSIVE COLLECTS ANGEL LYNN Angel Lynn For Her Prom With Mommy Nikki Lynn
Angel with her mother Nikki prior to her prom

Despite these positive signs, the Lynns know that Angel is still at high risk for pneumonia and cannot lie flat. To make her feel at home, the family has brought bed linen and towels from home to her caregivers to help her recover. They also do her nails and hair.

Ultimately, the family wants her home. However, that requires building an extension to their home so that they can have specialized facilities installed. The Lynns would also need to hire a carer – decisions that will cost a lot of money, as the family does everything they can to raise money for Angel’s long-term care.

After many hardships over the past 18 months, the family now dares to dream that Angel will get even better. With all the hugs and kisses they give, their faith grows stronger.

“She’s locked up, but every time I see her I tell her, ‘Don’t give up, keep trying, keep telling yourself you can do it,'” Nikki said.

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