Antique Roadshow guest surprises with a HUGE £8 painting she found in a charity shop

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An ANTIQUES Roadshow guest was stunned after discovering the HUGE value of an £8 painting she found in a charity shop.

On Sunday’s episode of the BBC programme, a guest brought in a rare painting by Gorospe Sy that caught her eye, especially as it cost less than a tenner.


A guest at the Antiques Roadshow was stunned by a HUGE appreciation of paintingCredit: BBC
The guest bought the painting for £8 in a charity shop


The guest bought the painting for £8 in a charity shopCredit: BBC

Expert Rupert Maas was surprised by the artwork, explaining: “So, not for the first time at the Roadshow, I find myself a little stunned by a photo that is really outside of my field.

He is known, I believe, as the Picasso of the Philippines.

“So he’s a Filipino artist, luckily signed, Paco Gorospe Sy.

Gorospe Sy was discovered in the mid-20th century by a wealthy Filipino collector and promoted in international exhibitions around the world as the new exciting Filipino artist.

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“He died in 2002. There’s something about it.”

Rupert was fascinated by the piece and admired the style of painting and how it captured the lights in the buildings and the bustling cityscape.

“And it’s probably, I don’t know, the sixties,” the TV pundit continued.

He explained that the artist was best known for painting islanders in the Philippine nation, but that he had created something completely different with this piece.

“It’s a patchwork of partially lit skyscrapers at dusk…I find it quite interesting,” added the BBC pundit.

The guest was surprised to learn the history and was equally impressed by the artist’s interpretation.

Rupert then asked the woman how she came into possession of the painting.

“I think the more you look at it, the more interesting it gets,” she replied.

“I bought it because it cost £8 in a charity shop.

“I thought there was potential when I saw it. I was like, ‘I wonder if it’s worth more than I paid for it.'”

Rupert told her she was just right and revealed it was worth a whopping £400 to £600.

He added: “There was a time when retail would have brought in thousands of pounds, but at the moment I think maybe 400 to £600.”

The guest couldn’t believe her luck and admitted that she liked the painting more after discovering its true value.

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Viewers were also stunned by the rating, with one writing: “Wow she bought it for £8 and now it’s about £600. #antiquesroadshow”

Another wrote: “That painting is beautiful, that’s quite a win!! #antiquesroadshow.”

BBC expert Rupert Maas was 'stunned' by the painting


BBC expert Rupert Maas was ‘stunned’ by the paintingCredit: BBC
The guest made a staggering profit


The guest made a staggering profitCredit: BBC

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