April Fool’s Day 2022 live updates – the best jokes in and around Birmingham

Bestinau got that-

It’s April 1 – and that means a morning when we’re all on our guard. Which news is real? And what is fake?

It’s hard enough to believe some of the news in the world on a normal day – let alone April 1, where real news flies around next to made-up stories about a pool atop the Rotunda (see the cleverly edited photo above) or the University of Birmingham looking to build a second clock tower to ‘keep Old Joe company’. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We round up the best April Fools’ Day jokes we’ve seen in and around Birmingham today… check here if you’re not sure. We’ll tell you if it’s real or all a bunch of crap.

Have you seen any clever (or not so clever) jokes not included here? Let us know! Comment below or email kirsty.bosley@reachplc.com

And happy April 1!

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