Back the blue to release the Mile from pain

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Last week, eight Boston police officers, six state agents and an FBI special agent who headed a child exploitation and human trafficking task force teamed up to clear the Methadone Mile of predators.

They go undercover, if necessary, and hunt for any tip to protect the sons and daughters who are targeted by drug traffickers and pimps.

The chilling police report says the team set out to “identify exploiters, traffickers and commercial sex buyers” in the city’s Mass and Cass neighborhood. Their mission is to “curb demand” and arrest offenders.

It’s not a pretty job. Those who have called to relieve the police would not have the courage to step up with this task force. The initiative is called Operation HEAT, for the suppression of human exploitation and trafficking.

As the Herald reported, two alleged pimps working separately in the Mass and Cass area were rounded up as part of Operation HEAT.

“These two men have made Mass and Cass their personal playground of chaos and exploitation, and they have done it by targeting and terrorizing the most vulnerable members of our community,” Suffolk DA Kevin Hayden wrote in a statement. “These are predators of human weakness.”

The DA is right! There is no easy answer to the country’s opioid crisis, but it is a good start to address those who are perpetuating this crisis.

That now includes Reyes Familia, 30, of Malden. He was arraigned Thursday before the Boston Municipal Court Central Division on charges of trafficking for sexual slavery, obtaining aid from prostitution and kidnapping.

“(Expletive), I own you for the rest of your life and you can’t run away from me,” Familia is said to have told the victim.

He then allegedly threatened to kill her after she ran away, beat and beat her and stabbed her in the hand, telling two other women, “This will happen to you too if you try to leave me.”

Prosecutors say the victim first met Familia two years ago at a drug purchase in Downtown Crossing. A fateful walk down an alley left her blindfolded and taken to an unknown location, prosecutors say, where she remained blindfolded for the first three months, drugged, beaten and forced to have sex with Familia and other men.

Familia is known to the police as a pimp along Mass and Cass – often referred to as the Methadone Mile.

This all comes as the city works to stop the return crowds of drug users to the area as the weather improves.

“The crowds and the way the streets look is not acceptable to any of us,” said Dr. Monica Bharel, who has appointed Mayor Michelle Wu to tackle the problems of homelessness and addiction, whose local epicenter is in the South End. “Nobody wants it to stay the way it is.”

It has not escaped our notice that Wu today still has a website touting “A Blueprint for Police Reform Through the Union Contracts,” suggesting that something is broken in Boston. That site, which still reads “Michelle for Mayor,” adds that it will “act with the scale and urgency that this moment requires.”

What we can agree on. The mess along the Methadon Mile calls for increased support for police officers who work days, nights and weekends to stamp out the pernicious vice that pollutes our great city. Wu must make a U-turn, if she has the political courage to do so, and return more than ever to the blue and enable them to do their job and rescue those in need along this misery mile. Now is the time to act.

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