Bloomberg launches “Bloomberg Crypto” podcast

Stacy-Marie Ishmael

The following excerpt was sent out:

Stacy-Marie Ishmael is the managing editor for Crypto at Bloomberg News and your host for Bloomberg Crypto: A new daily podcast from Bloomberg and iHeart Radio.

Each weekday, she dives into how digital assets are affecting our lives, examining the players and what’s at stake in this unproven financial landscape. Join Stacy-Marie for the very latest in crypto news and takeaways: you’ll hear about everything from Bitcoin to Bored Apes, NFT’s to DeFi, Staking to Web3.

Along the way, Stacy-Marie talks to Bloomberg reporters and editors around the world, as well as experts from every corner of the industry. Bloomberg Crypto goes deeper than just the daily market buzz to explore how this asset class is shifting the way we live, our politics, and our culture. Listen to Bloomberg Crypto starting June 2nd.

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