Books on Broadway partners with

Books on Broadway has partnered with, which means that subscribers to the audiobook service provider can refund a portion of the subscription fee to support local bookstores. Members can purchase audiobooks directly from through the Books on Broadway platform.

In this way, buyers can take advantage of the more than 215,000 audiobooks that has to offer. Members also receive personalized recommendations curated by the bookseller’s own experts. The applicable costs range from a monthly subscription to a one-time payment. There is one audiobook credit that members receive in exchange for a monthly subscription fee of $14.99 USD, with additional tax.

Active members also have the option to gift an audiobook to any recipient anywhere in the world. The recipient has the freedom to choose an audiobook of their choice. As usual, every purchase made ensures that a portion of the traded amount is funneled back to a local bookstore, meaning traditional bookstores can thrive in the era of eBooks and audiobooks.

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