‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Finale, Episode 8 Recap: Anthony Picks Kate

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Few things are more enlightening than a near-death experience. This is what happened Kate nearly died after being thrown from her horse in a rainstorm in the Bridgerton Season 2 finale.

Anthony, chasing her, ran to Kate’s aid and arranged for immediate medical attention at Lady Danbury’s home. There was a cut on the back of her head and although Anthony had applied pressure, Kate was in and out of consciousness.

Kate’s accident served as a trigger for Anthony, who was still carrying the emotional trauma of his father’s unfortunate death. He also blamed himself for Kate’s accident because the two had made passionate love the night before and Kate felt so guilty that she tried to clear her head with a risky and fast horseback ride in the rain. (Maybe yoga would have been the better option?)

A week would pass before Kate came to, and it was Edwina who first saw Kate, not Anthony. Kate asked where he was, but Lady Mary and Edwina told her he hadn’t come to visit since she saved her life. Very saddened, Kate again decided to go back to India.

The news that Kate had regained consciousness made its way to Bridgerton’s residence, and Lady Violet brought the positive update to her eldest child, who in turn cried unusual tears of relief and joy. Anthony told his mother that he hadn’t visited Kate because he was afraid she would die, and he couldn’t believe he was going to lose her.

This was when Lady Violet apologized to Anthony for being the one to watch his father die tragically from a bee sting. But, she added, as painful as the experience had been and as much as she missed it, given the choice, she would choose her late husband Edmund every time, because true love is worth every high and every low. .

A tearful Anthony realized that he really loved Kate and, keeping his mother’s wise words in mind, he took Lady’s Violet’s ring from his desk drawer—the same one he’d previously given to Edwina—and went in search of the woman who dreams haunted. Anthony even brought a bouquet of tulips… and a confession.

Bridgerton, Anthony proposalHe told Kate that he would propose to her on the morning of the accident, to make amends for their, er, sexual indiscretion. The haphazard proposal that followed did not impress Kate, who informed Anthony that she would return to India once she had settled matters with Edwina.

She also added that Lady Danbury had offered to host Lady Mary and Edwina for another season so that the youngest Sharma could finally find her marriage partner. and be financially secure. Kate’s choice to leave broke Anthony’s heart and he accused her of running away. She snapped at him to leave, and he did. The next day Kate met Edwina, who wondered if there had been something between her sister and the Viscount all along.

Kate said no and admitted she was the only one she lied to. She added that by the time she realized how strong her feelings were for Anthony, it was too late, despite her best efforts to deny those feelings. Edwina believed her, but stated that Kate’s accident made her realize that she didn’t really know her sister or herself because they had pretended to be women they weren’t for the sake of society.

Edwina suggested they attend the season-ending ball the Featheringtons threw that night and begged Kate to be honest with herself. When Lady Mary came to check Kate, she was packing and she also urged Kate to come to the party. Kate explained that Anthony had asked her to marry him out of obligation, not love, and she couldn’t allow it. Most of all, Lady Mary wanted Kate to know that she loved her and she had since the day she met her.

Bridgerton, Edwina Lady Mary said Kate deserved all the love in the world and that she had never seen her as her stepdaughter – just as her daughter. The two cried and hugged, and Kate decided to go to the prom as a way to say goodbye. She danced playfully with Edwina, who named Kate’s brush with death their best “social capital yet,” and eventually danced with Anthony after Edwina gave her blessing and begged Kate to follow her heart.

Before their dance, Kate Anthony de Ton even suggested taking pity on her because of her head injury. Anthony was instantly charmed and the two danced while other revelers watched and left the dance floor, as if to put the pair to shame. Anthony refused to be ashamed and asked Kate to focus on him because no one else mattered.

Queen Charlotte also noticed the unmistakable sparks between Anthony and Kate; However, when she heard some gossip whispering that Kate was the reason Anthony didn’t marry Edwina, the Queen put an end to the speculation. The monarch claimed that she had been the one who called off the wedding between Anthony and Edwina because she had changed her mind.

Bridgerton, Anthony and Kate dancing Shortly after, Edwina took the floor and declared Kate and Anthony a beautiful couple, and the Queen agreed so much that she verbally countersigned her royal subjects as well. She also insisted that people return to the dance floor, and they obliged. Ever impressed by Edwina’s quick thinking, the Queen offered to introduce Edwina to her single cousin, who happened to be the Prince of Prussia from Season 1.

After the dance, the Queen came over and smiled approvingly at Kate and Anthony. And later on the terrace, just before the fireworks show, Anthony confessed his love to Kate and revealed that he loved her from the moment they raced in the park and that’s why he wanted to marry her.

Kate said she loved Anthony too, even though he would probably torment her every day. The two kissed and were shown six months later, fresh off their honeymoon and still unable to keep their hands off each other — even during a friendly and family game of pall-mall.

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