Britain will send armored vehicles to bolster Ukraine’s fight against Russia

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Britain is expected to provide Ukraine with a range of armored vehicles, some of which were previously deployed in operations in Afghanistan. They include the Mastiffs, which can carry eight troops plus two crew members and are typically used for road patrols and convoys.

The Mastiff was armed with machine guns and grenade launchers when deployed by British forces, but it is clear that the Ukrainian military will use their own weapons.

Defense sources told The Telegraph that Ukrainian troops are likely to be trained in the use of the left-hand drive vehicles in a neighboring country.

The sources added that an initial batch of 120 armored vehicles would be sent to Ukraine, including Mastiffs and a range of other models, possibly increasing to 200 in the coming months.

The agreement comes after British defense ministers received a Ukrainian government delegation this week to allow them to review stockpiles of military equipment.

Wallace said on Friday: “It’s very important that we do what we can to help Ukraine and where they ask us for equipment and we have it, we can provide it.”

The £100 million aid package unveiled by Johnson includes more Starstreak anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank weapons and “precision munitions”, such as drones that can hover in the air before they strike.

These are the same missiles seen in videos from Ukraine destroying Russian tanks and shooting down helicopters.

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