Burleson Church Helps Ukrainian Refugees Arriving in North Texas – CBS Dallas/Fort Worth

BURLESON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The first United Methodist Church in Burleson is committed to providing food, housing and other needs to Ukrainian refugees who have reached North Texas.

Jane Homon, who recently arrived in the DFW area with her family, said they had no choice but to flee Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, our entire house has been destroyed,” she said. “The medical university where I work has been destroyed. His (her son’s) entire school has been destroyed.”

In late February, when Russian soldiers began bombing Kharkiv, she went with her husband and teenage son to the nearest operational train station.

They only took some documents with them, the clothes on their backs and their dog.

“We saw tanks and these tanks were like boom, boom, boom, so we were really scared,” she said. “(We thought) maybe we’re going to die now. Please God save me, save my family.”

They were eventually able to reach Italy and decided to use their existing tourist visas to enter the US

They knew no soul and had never been there, but discovered on Facebook a Ukrainian immigrant living in North Texas.

Nataliia Hays told them online that she and her church in Burleson were ready to welcome them. They arrived last Saturday.

“I’m glad they’re here,” Hays said. “I’m glad they’re safe and we’ll do what we can on the spot.”

So far, First United Methodist Church has raised approximately $9,500 and found a host family for the Homons to stay with.

“A lot of people ask what we can do?” said Hayes. “So right now we’re kind of on the brink of making the needs list. We need housing, cars and mobile services.”

“We are going to do everything we can to help our current family and all other families who need help,” said senior pastor Danny Tenney. “We will do what we can.”

“They’re Americans, but they really understand our needs and understand the situation. It’s really great,” Homon said.

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