California officials declare ‘Dolores Huerta Day’

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SACRAMENTO (KRON) — Eleni Kounalakis declares Sunday Dolores Huerta Day. She issued the document as acting state governor, in lieu of Governor Gavin Newsom’s absence.

State officials issue proclamations to recognize an issue, milestone, or event. Kounalakis is the 50th Lieutenant Governor of California.

Kounalakis signed the proclamation honoring the Mexican-American labor activist. She was born on April 10, 1930 – the same date as today, which influenced Kounalakis’ decision. She turned 92 on this day.

“I urge all Californians to be inspired by her example and work to change the lives of our communities for the better,” Kounalakis said in her proclamation.

Huerta spent most of her life in California’s Central Valley with her Mexican immigrant parents. Her father worked as a miner and later became involved in a workers’ group.

The activist began her career as a teacher in a farming community in Stockton. Her experiences of harsh labor treatment and seeing her students come to school hungry drove her to become a leader of the Community Service Organization – a Latino civil rights group that is still active today.

Huerta would later found the Agricultural Workers Association to organize voter registration campaigns in her neighborhood.

Later, Huerta and Mexican-American civil rights activist Cesar Chavez founded the National Farm Workers Association. This group would play a central role in the labor movements in the 1970s.

Huerta continues her legacy through the Dolores Huerta Foundation which focuses on labour, civil rights and women’s movements.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta celebrated the day with: tweet a picture of him and Huerta. He captioned the post, “Congratulations on the inimitable & timeless @DoloresHuerta whose relentless quest for justice continues.”

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