Calliope Mori Unalive Album And Music Video Released

non-living, the first album from Hololive English Myth member Calliope Mori, is now available to purchase or stream. People can pick it up for $14.19. It is also available to listen to through services such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. There is also a 3D music video for the title track “Unalive” online.

Here’s the full tracklist for it non-living

  1. “Alive”
  2. “Q” with Gura Gawr
  3. “Death on Arrival”
  4. “Graveyard Shift” with Boogey Voxx
  5. “Loss-Loss Days”
  6. “Big W”
  7. “resting power”
  8. “Scuffed Age”
  9. “ouroboros”
  10. “Unalive” (Japanese version)
  11. “Unalive” (instrumental)

You can hear clips of every song on the album in a teaser video.

And here’s the “Unalive” music video.

Although this is Mori’s first full-length album, she already has an established library of songs. She has released three EPs so far. The first is Dead Beatswhich appeared in October 2020. Her second is your morican April 2021 release. A Lo-Fi version of that EP was released in February 2022 as her third EP.

Mori’s most recent performance was at Hololive Super Expo 2022. She and the other members of Myth all performed at the two-day Hololive 3rd Fes Link Your Wish concert.

Calliope Moris non-living album is now available.

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