Capitals fans throw giveaway N1KY apples on the ice after Nicklas Backstrom scores on his big night 🍎

Bestinau got that-

The Washington Capitals trailed the New Jersey Devils 2-1 as they entered the third period. After a big goal from Connor McMichael,Nicklas Backstrom hit pay dirt and gave the Capitals the lead at 14:04.

Capitals fans went crazy and reacted in a very measured and mature way. A quarter of the arena hoisted their N1KY foam apples onto the ice as if they were Florida Panthers fans circa 1996.

The goal fell through the second line after hard work. Anthony Mantha found Backstrom on the left wing. The Swedish center fired a shot and defeated Nico Daws cleanly to the other side of the net.

And then fans let it rain apples. Backstrom could be seen grinning on the couch.

Backstrom is “The Apple King,” NBC Sports Washington’s Joe Beninati joked.

The Capitals and Devils players ambled onto the ice to help the goal side clear the ice. The delay lasted about five minutes.

Congratulations, Nick!

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