Traitement du rein en Inde à faible coût-GoMedii

Le rein est l’un des organes les plus importants du corps, étant donné son besoin d’éliminer les toxines de notre corps. Dans ce blog, vous saurez quels sont les symptômes que vous devez rechercher et ce qui se passe lorsque vous ressentez ces symptômes qui montrent que vous avez un rein faible. Obtenez votre traitement … Read more

My postpartum blood pressure spike [PODCAST]

Subscribe to The Podcast by KevinMD. Catch up on old episodes! “I think about my preeclampsia-specific and general knowledge gaps. I could not recall learning about postpartum preeclampsia in my prenatal classes. I wasn’t given any written instructions on what symptoms to expect with my blood pressure returning to normal. My husband and I also … Read more

CDC has ‘moderate confidence’ that monkeypox cases will keep falling or plateau

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says it has “moderate” confidence that the rate of monkeypox cases in the U.S. will continue to decline or hit a plateau in the next two weeks. In its latest technical report on the monkeypox outbreak, the CDC listed three possible directions in which cases could go. … Read more

Zoom’s impact on intercontinental startup investment

From left: Ayush Jain of Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund; Ayse McCracken of Ignite Healthcare and INNOVATE Health Ventures; Max Rosett of Research Bridge Partners; and Dr. Hubert Zajicek of Health Wildcatters When it comes to investment, including healthcare and biotech, companies in the Bay area, Boston and New York tend to get … Read more

HHS: Price of more than 1,200 drugs outpaced inflation

More than 1,200 prescription drugs rose in price faster than the rate of inflation between 2021 and 2022 according to a new report released by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Friday. Between July 2021 and July 2022, the prices for 1,216 drugs rose more than the 8.6 percent rate of inflation, … Read more

CHESS Health launches substance use disorder recovery support app in Spanish

After giving birth in 2021, a woman was unable to take her newborn daughter home due to her active use of opioids during her pregnancy. The trauma of being a new mother unable to care for her child prompted her to begin her substance use disorder treatment, which included using CHESS Health’s Connections App, a … Read more

Healthcare’s entrance into the metaverse isn’t as intimidating as you may think

The term “metaverse” — which we’re hearing more and more these days — is still a bit esoteric to the general public. People often understand it only as a vague reference to a fantasy world beyond our reality.  But the metaverse doesn’t have to seem so sci-fi. It actually holds promising potential to transform healthcare … Read more

Physician contract horror stories

As a physicians’ attorney who focuses his practice on physician contract review, I have seen some truly horrendous results after physicians have signed agreements they did not understand. Here are just a few of the “war stories” I have experienced. 24/7 call “for a few years” One physician employment agreement I reviewed had several points … Read more