How to delete a Disney Plus profile

Profiles are an excellent way for your friends and family to keep track of your favorite shows and movies. Plus, you’ll receive personalized recommendations based on your watch history. Disney Plus allows you to create up to seven profiles, so you may need to edit and remove some if you find too many people are … Read more

Smart Lights Are the Easiest Holiday Decorations

karamysh / The changing of seasons and their accompanying holidays can put you in an endless cycle of putting up and taking down decorations. Simplify your holiday decorating with smart lights that can stay up year-long and impress your neighbors. What Is a “Smart” Light? When we talk about “smart” lighting, we simply mean … Read more

The best cheap gaming headset deals September 2022

A good gaming headset is practically a necessity these days. Clean and precise audio is essential for competitive gaming, allowing you to pinpoint your enemies and communicate effectively with your teammates. Moreover, recent developments in spatial audio and virtual surround sound have allowed headsets to meet — and occasionally surpass — more expensive audio setups, … Read more

Best Free Checking Accounts for September 2022

Checking accounts are a critical service offered by financial institutions allowing consumers to safely store and manage their money. While having a checking account may be a requirement for many people, paying to use one is not. Accounts advertised as “free checking” by a bank or credit union do not charge the following fees:  Minimum … Read more

40 of the Best Movies on Disney+ Right Now

Watched everything on Netflix? Disney+ has a seemingly endless selection of Marvel movies and plenty of Star Wars and Pixar fare, too. Problem is, there’s so much stuff, it’s hard to know where to begin. WIRED is here to help. Below are our picks for the best movies on Disney+ right now. For more viewing … Read more

Declining VC investment into LatAm startups could throttle digital growth • TechCrunch

There are reasons to be optimistic about the region, so why are investors slowing down? Alex Wilhelm Anna Heim 1 day This column is fascinated by Latin America, a region of the world rich in history, culture and, recently, a massive boom in technology company formation and financing. The period of rapidly accreting venture capital … Read more

How Whale Safe is using real-time data and AI to detect endangered whales in the Bay Area's busy shipping lanes and alert ships to avoid collisions (Todd Woody/Bloomberg)

Todd Woody / Bloomberg: How Whale Safe is using real-time data and AI to detect endangered whales in the Bay Area’s busy shipping lanes and alert ships to avoid collisions  —  Is your iPhone whale-safe?  Smartphones, like many consumer products, arrive in the US on giant container ships, vessels that are leading killers …

How to delete files from Google Drive

QUICK ANSWER To delete a file from Google Drive, click the file, then click the trash bin to remove it. To delete a file permanently, find it in your trash bin, then click Delete forever. Otherwise, you have 30 days to recover the file from the trash bin. KEY SECTIONS  How to delete a file … Read more