Cathay Pacific to Purchase 38M Gallons of SAF

Cathay Pacific has agreed to purchase 38 million gallons of blended sustainable aviation fuel from Cupertino, Calif.-based producer Aemetis over a seven-year period, with deliveries expected to begin in 2025, the carrier announced Tuesday. 

The agreement is part of the joint procurement initiative the Oneworld airline alliance signed with Aemetis in November 2021 for 350 million gallons of blended SAF for use at the San Francisco International Airport. Cathay is a founding member of Oneworld. 

The blended fuel will be 40 percent SAF and 60 percent petroleum jet A-1 fuel and will be produced at the Aemetis Carbon Zero plant currently under development in Riverbank, Calif., according to Cathay, which has a goal of achieving 10 percent use of SAF by 2030.

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