Celebrities Share Their Postpartum Experience

Bryce found herself on an intense emotional journey after the birth of her first son. She says it all started immediately after the birth of her son, when she “felt nothing” for the child, despite being surrounded by joy. She also had a difficult recovery period after giving birth, during which she refused to take painkillers and admits she didn’t give her body a chance to heal. And when her midwife tried to monitor her mental health, Bryce couldn’t bring herself to reveal what she was going through.

“It’s strange for me to remember what I was like at the time. I seemed to have emotional amnesia. I couldn’t really cry, or laugh, or be moved by anything. For the sake of those around me, including my son, I pretended, but when I started showering again in the second week, I let myself go in the privacy of the bathroom, water pouring over me as I sobbed uncontrollably,” Bryce wrote in an essay for Goop.

Bryce says her mental health continued to deteriorate, with ongoing breakdowns and emotional outbursts toward her husband — something she’d never done before. It was then that her husband helped to bring the situation under control and devised a plan for Bryce to get the help she needed.

Bryce continued: “He made a plan and with the support of my husband, my friends and my family I returned to my obstetrician. Finally I understood that I had to answer her questions honestly, and when I did she suggested a homeopathic treatment plan, reconnected me with my doctor who oversaw my care and sent me to a therapist who diagnosed me with severe postpartum depression. While there were challenges ahead, I got better little by little.”

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