Chinese ambassador refuses to say Beijing will not supply military supplies and weapons to Russia

The Chinese ambassador to the US on Sunday avoided saying that Beijing would not sell military supplies and weapons to Russia, insisting that it maintain “normal” trade ties with one of its closest allies.

Hostess Margaret Brennan pressured Qin Gang during an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” about whether China would join the West’s economic campaign to end Russia’s attack on Ukraine. She specifically asked if China would stop sending military and financial aid to Russia.

Qin called suggestions that China was providing military aid to Russia “disinformation”.

“What China does is send”[ing] food, medicine, sleeping bags and baby food, no guns and ammunition… at any party. And we [are] against a war, as I said. You know, we will do everything we can to de-escalate the crisis,” Qin said.

“China has normal trade, economic and financial energy businesses with Russia,” he added. “These are the normal, normal business between two sovereign countries.”

While China continues to advocate de-escalation, it has so far tried to adopt a neutral stance and not condemn Russia’s actions against Ukraine.

Qin appeared to mock international calls for condemnation against Russia on Sunday, telling Brennan: “Don’t be naive” when asked why China has not yet spoken out against the invasion.

“It doesn’t solve the problem,” Qin insisted. “I’d be surprised if Russia backs off on sentencing.”

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