Chris Pine Told A Confused Oscar Reveler He Was Chris Evans From ‘Captain America’

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A partygoer at an Oscars shindig over the weekend knew him as… Joey Lawrence?
Pine told Kimmel in a Wednesday appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that after the partygoer mistook him for the “Blossom” actor and musician, he finally whispered and told him that he was, in fact, Chris Evans, who played Captain America in much a Marvel movie.

It’s not the first time Pine has been called the name of another male celebrity, he said.

“I got Ryan Reynolds, [Chris] pratt, [Chris] Hemsworth, Matt Damon,” said Pine, bidding for “best dressed Chris” in a blush, embroidered button-down, striped maroon-and-white slacks and smoking slippers.

When Pine finally told the party patron that he was Captain America (again, didn’t he; the only heroic captain Pine has played is Kirk in the “Star Trek” reboot movies), the contestant said, “That’s my man!” to Pine.
The Hollywood Chrises — all action stars (three from Marvel movies), white, and mostly blonde — are confused for each other quite often. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pratt’s father-in-law (“Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Jurassic Park,” “Parks and Recreation”), called Pratt by Evans’ last name, according to People. Some celebrities just can’t take a break, minus the millions of dollars they make from their mega-successful franchises.

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