Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards Young Sheldon – Deadline

Bestinau got that-

Sheldon Cooper isn’t the only one celebrating tonight. Uber producer Chuck Lorre helped honor the 100th episode of Young Sheldon by reaching a milestone of his own – his 700th vanity card.

The card, which aired on CBS at the end of Thursday’s episode, featured some comparisons we… suppose add up to 100. (Editor’s Note: We couldn’t independently verify it because we’re journalists for Pete’s sake, not mathematicians.) Lorre quickly followed his 700th vanity card with a 701st vanity card at the end of United States of Al, who makes fun of the previous one.

Chuck Lorre 701st Vanity Card

For 25 years, Lorre has reserved one second of airtime after each of his comedies to express his thoughts. The tradition started with Dharma and Greg and continued with Two and a half MenThe Big Bang TheoryMike & Mollyand Mom like Young SheldonBob Hearts AbisholaB Positive and United States of Ali† The full collection can be viewed online at

In 2012, Lorre collected selected cards in a book titled What doesn’t kill us makes us bitter† All of Lorre’s proceeds from the sale of the book benefited healthcare-related charities and educational efforts, including the Venice Family Clinic.

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