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The statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square has come under repeated scrutiny in the past two years, with protesters demanding its removal over his allegedly “racist” views. Further talks over the statue’s placement are now expected to take place after the Westminster Council assessment found Churchill held “apparently racist views” during his lifetime. But the outraged Amanda in East Sussex insisted she wouldn’t allow anyone to remove the statue, insisting the culture has now gone too far.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Amanda said: “I’m just so angry that Winston Churchill’s name is being insulted in this way.

“The fact that no MP seems to resist this insanity in the Conservative Party – what are they going to do next?

“Are they going to demand that the statue of Winston Churchill be torn down because of this review?”

She continued: “And if so, why don’t the people who want the statue stay get a vote?

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“It’s getting out of hand. If they think they’re going to tear it down, I’ll tell you now about mine and a lot of other people out there dead bodies.

“Because it’s not going to happen.”

The council has listed more than 50 monuments over concerns they could be targeted following a row over the statue of Edward Colston, which was toppled in Bristol harbor in 2020.

The report established a color-coded system that identified each monument’s attack risk level.

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And despite calls to remove the statues of people linked to Britain’s colonial past, Foreign Secretary Liz Trus this month insisted it was “time to put an end” to the challenges in Britain’s colonial past. history.

Ms Truss said the “constant self-examination and introspection” had to stop.

The debate over Britain’s past has become tense in recent years, with literary, political and other prominent public figures coming under scrutiny for their views and actions.

Last week, author Jane Austen was removed from Stirling University’s curriculum in an effort to decolonize and diversify the courses offered to students.

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