City of Mississauga Mask Ordinance Remains in effect Even if Provincial Mandate Is Lifted – Toronto

The City of Mississauga has reminded that masks must still be worn in public areas in the municipality, even if the provincial mandate is lifted.

The city posted a tweet Monday morning that read, “Do you have to wear a mask in Mississauga today? Yes.”

Officials said the municipal ordinance for masking will remain in effect until March 31.

The city council will make a decision on Wednesday whether or not to lift the mandatory mask ordinance early or not, officials noted.

“I expect the decision will be to join the county and lift the mandate,” Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie said in a statement.

This means that the mask regulation can officially be scrapped earlier, on Wednesday.

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“Given some administrative requirements, this decision to change/remove an ordinance should be made at a city council meeting, and the first scheduled meeting after the county’s announcement of changes to masking requirements is March 23,” the city said. Mississauga. Global News in a statement.

Some cities and regions opted for their own mask mandate under a 2020 Article 22 Order of the Health Act through their medical officials. Others voted on it in council before the county mandated the use of masking. Some regions had renewed the masking mandate months in advance in the winter.

On Monday, the Ford government’s mask mandate for shops and restaurants, among other things, was dropped, meaning Ontarios are no longer required to wear masks or face coverings — by the county. Masks are now optional or a choice.

However, the province made exceptions for certain environments, such as public transportation, long-term care, retirement homes, shelters, prisons, and other community housing and health care facilities. The provincial mandate in those institutions expires on April 27.

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The city of Mississauga also told Global News that it would not proactively enforce the mandate given the current circumstances.

“As for fines and enforcement, we will respond to any complaints, as we have done during the pandemic, but will not proactively enforce the mandatory mask regulation given the current circumstances,” the statement read. “Where possible, we always opt for parenting before fines are handed out.”

The mask ordinance also does not apply to schools or federal/provincial buildings, the city said.

Meanwhile, Brampton, which is also located in the Peel region, has lifted the mask mandate. Also, Toronto lifted its municipal mandate for masking to be in agreement with the province.

Halton and York regions also follow county guidelines.

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