Conservationists seize truck and riverboat for Wildlife Act violations – BC News

Truck and river boat seized

A truck and riverboat, worth $60,000, were seized by BC Conservation Officer Services from a common offender in northern BC

BCCOS posted the incident on their Facebook page on Tuesday, saying the seizure was the result of an investigation that arose from a nighttime hunting decoy in 2017.

One person shot the decoy and was later tracked down by conservation officers, who impounded his truck, BCCOS said.

Officers found numerous violations of the Natural Law and Fisheries Act involving a riverboat, which was also seized.

The person was fined $5,000, in a related lawsuit, and a five-year hunting ban in connection with the decoy incident, for hunting wildlife using lights.

The repossession was covered by the Civil Forfeiture Act, which was put in place to ensure that people cannot take advantage of illegal activities or use property in a way that could harm other people, BCCOS says.

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