Cookie Run: Kingdom April Fools’ Shroomie Update: Fan Art and Popular Characters

Bestinau got that-

A new April Fools’ Day update wakes you up Cookie Run: Kingdom by converting the cookie characters into new (and sometimes hot) humanoid versions. The new “Shroomie Shenanigans” update is now available in the free-to-play city-building game on mobile devices.

Shroomie Shenanigans will be live until April 14, developer Devsisters said. The event features Poison Mushroom Cookie, which will reward your Shroomies when you complete tasks in the game. Feeding the Shroomies to your characters will transform them into an alternate version of their character.

The results are hilarious – many of the cookies are inspired from real life to make a joke. For example, Tiger Lilly just gets alternative art with a giant realistically drawn tiger behind her, while Espresso Cookie is turned into a piece of abstract art. Here’s a Twitter fan discovering the art in the game:

Here’s Dark Choco Cookie, turning into some kind of monstrous creature:

Devsisters shared a gallery of alternative art with Polygon:

A core part of the Cookie Run: Kingdom fandom draws fan art and imagines what different cookies might look like. (Even we at Polygon haven’t been able to resist the inescapable charms of the Cookies.) It’s one thing to see this kind of art on Twitter, but seeing it appear in-game feels a bit like a fever dream.

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