COVID-19: Number in Scottish hospitals with virus reaches new record next to 2022 peak in southern England | british news

The number of people hospitalized with COVID in Scotland has reached the highest level seen during the pandemic as the same figure is also rising in two regions of England.

The latest figures show that 2,128 hospitalized patients in Scotland recently tested positive for the virus, compared to a previous peak of 2,053 in last January.

The numbers come as most of the remaining legal COVID restrictions in Scotland have been lifted.

The legal requirement to wear masks in Scotland was expected to be lifted on March 21, but will now remain in effect until at least early April

Last week Nicola Sturgeon has announced that laws requiring the wearing of masks on public transport and in some other settings in Scotland will not be repealed as planned due to the “current spike” in COVID cases.

Across the UK, 14,948 people were hospitalized with COVID on March 18, a 22% increase week-on-week.

This is still lower than the recent UK peak of 20,047 on January 10 and below the UK’s highest peak of 39,255 reached during the second wave of the virus on January 18 last year.

About one in 14 – estimated to have COVID in Scotland in the week to March 12, an increase of 299,900 people, or one in 18, the week before.

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More than 3.25 million people had COVID-19 in the week to 12 March

Hospital admissions in southern England are on the rise

The number of people hospitalized with COVID in two regions of England has reached its highest level in more than a year.

South East England has now joined the South West in recording patient levels last seen in February 2021, surpassing the peaks reached during the previous wave of infections early this year.

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According to figures from NHS England, a total of 1,956 people with COVID were hospitalized in the south east on March 21, the highest since February 19 last year.

In South West England, 1,365 patients were registered on March 21, the highest number since February 9 last year.

In both regions, about half of people hospitalized with the virus are primarily treated for something else rather than COVID.

The total number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in England currently stands at 12,753, a 21% increase week-on-week and the highest since February 1 this year.

In most of the UK, infection levels are rising

Figures released Friday by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that infection levels continue to rise in most of the UK, with In the week to March 12, an estimated 3.3 million people will have COVIDup from 2.6 million a week earlier.

At the start of the year, the figure stood at a record 4.3 million.

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