‘crippling’ sanctions could be lifted if Russia withdraws from Ukraine, says Liz Truss

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Britain could lift sanctions that could cripple Russia if Vladimir Putin pulls out of Ukraine and pledges “no further aggression,” said Liz Truss.

In an interview with The Telegraph, the foreign minister laid out a blueprint for the so-called “off-ramp” that the Russian president could be offered to stop his attack on Ukraine.

Ms Truss – who revealed she has set up a “negotiating unit” in the State Department to support future peace talks – said sanctions against Russian banks, companies and oligarchs could be lifted in the event of “a complete ceasefire.” and withdrawal”.

Putin should also agree to abstain from future military aggression, with the threat of “snapback sanctions” being immediately thrown back on Russia.

Ms Truss’s intervention is the first official confirmation that Britain could lift its sweeping sanctions as part of a peace settlement between Russia and Ukraine.

It marks a shift from previous comments in which the Foreign Secretary said she could not see a situation where Roman Abramovich, the most prominent of the sanctioned oligarchs, would be allowed to return to the UK.

Her latest comments echo comments from US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who said US sanctions against Russia “were not meant to be permanent” and could “disappear” if Moscow changes its behavior.

The interview comes after the Kremlin gave its first indication that it plans to scale back its invasion — as one army chief said Moscow’s “main objective” was now the “liberation” of the Donbas region, on Russia’s eastern border. .

On Saturday, the defense ministry said Russia’s armed forces had become increasingly dependent on indiscriminate air and artillery bombardments as they “proved reluctant to engage in large-scale urban infantry operations”.

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