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I remember Muhsin Muhammad’s cover photo in Sports Illustrated in early 2004. He was on one knee with a finger over his mouth as if to silence the crowd. The Panthers were rolling in January and it was a good time to be living in North Carolina.

Mohammed was cool. The Panthers were cool. They had cool uniforms, enviable receivers like Mohammed and a young Steve Smith, a decent quarterback in Jake Delhomme, and a rowdy defense line.

Do you remember the guys in that defense line? Julius Pepper. Mike Rucker. Brentson Buckner. Kris Jenkins. It was a fearful merry-go-round for passers-by of the opponent.

Cowboys vs Panthers

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Carolina Panthers v New York Jets

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Two weeks after that cover shot, Muhammad, Delhomme, Smith and the Panthers played against Tom Brady and New England in Houston for Super Bowl 38. Both Muhammad and Smith got nice touchdowns from Delhomme, but it wasn’t enough.

While I’m not a Panthers fan, I wanted them to win. More than the animosity towards the Patriots, the Panthers were another somewhat surprising contender that year after going 11-5. They were the underdogs, no matter how young Brady was. Adam Vinatieri knocked in the winning field goal and a lot of viewers were heartbroken.

Fast forward 18 and the Panthers don’t have an adequate quarterback situation. I’ve read several ESPN articles stating that Sam Darnold is in the lead as a starter, while the team is open to bringing Cam Newton back.

I think for one more season Sam and Cam would be a terrible idea. Darnold’s Days as a starting quarterback is over as far as I’m concerned, while Cam’s actual days in the NFL are limited. That’s no disrespect to Cam, who has spent many great years in Charlotte.

For me, the Panthers should cut the bait on the Sam Darnold as a starter experiment, steer clear of Cam and pull Malik Willis. But it could also work for those who still see value in Darnold. Have Willis and Darnold compete for the runway at the training camp, and if Darnold wins, hold him for another year as Willis grows.

From what I’ve heard, Kenny Pickett is going to be a useful NFL quarterback, but he’s not.”big’ at whatever. Malik Willis is higher risk, higher reward and I admit, I was impressed with the combined videos circulating on Twitter. I admit. I’m kind of on Willis’ hype train.

No fan wants to be in this situation and I don’t envy CSR readers. I know it’s not the strongest quarterback class and everyone would rather the Panthers have a chance to take a number 6 Justin Herbert. And no fan really wants to experience what Panthers fans are going through right now.

But after being passed in the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes and not picking up another quarterback in the free agency, I really think the team needs to make a splash in the draft. For me, that splash is Willis.

That’s all I have for you. Have it in the comments section!

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