Daddy Yankee Is Out Of Gas, Announces Retirement

“Who is this? Papa Yan-kee!”
PhotoChristopher PolkGetty Images

Daddy Yankee must have run out of gas because he’s decided to retire. The reggaeton superstar uploaded a video on YouTube titled “Al fin veo la meta/Daddy Yankee anuncia su retiro” (which translates to “finally I see the goal/Daddy Yankee announces his retirement”).

The video features a soundtrack with intense background music that is sure to cheer you up. It features Yankee — whose real name is Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez — thanking his fans for their support over the years and for making him the most prolific reggaetón star of his. He credits them with making reggaeton the biggest genre in the world (his words).

He announces that before he gave up music for good (i.e., unless he pulls an LCD sound system), he will release an album titled Legendaddy on Thursday 24 March that will have “all the styles that define” [him] in one album.” He also describes that the upcoming album is about ‘the struggle, parties, war and romance’. In addition to Legendaddyhe also embarks on one last major world tour that he promises will be his best, called La Última Vuelta (The Last Turn).

Although “Gasolina” became his biggest worldwide hit in 2004, Yankee has been making music for 32 years, as he says in the video. He has also kept busy. He hadn’t released an album since 2012 Prestigebut continued to make singles including ‘Problema’ which he played on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Good morning America for 2021.

He also collaborated with Katy Perry on 2019’s “Con Calma,” which puts a reggaeton twist on Snow’s “Informer.” That song was inevitable on the radio, and hit number one on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart. He is also responsible for “Despacito”, his collaboration in 2017 with Luis Fonsi (Justin Bieber, who seemingly had no idea what the Puerto Rican singers even sangwas added later).

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