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If you have a high school senior at home, you probably have a pile of college applications lying around your house.

The deadlines for many universities are coming up in the next month.

The pandemic has changed some of the expectations universities look for in new students, as university admissions officials recognize that high school students have been through a lot in the past two years.

So if your students missed a sports season or relapsed in some way from COVID-19, that’s okay.

“I will say that in recent years, universities understand the impact the pandemic has had on things like extracurricular activities and [how] that may look different,” says Ingrid London, provost of admissions and enrollment at UT Dallas. “So just provide as much information as you can and we’ll all take that into account.”

Grades and GPA are one thing, but with many schools doing away with SAT or ACT testing requirements during the pandemic, now might be a good time to stand out in the essay section and those letters of recommendation.

“I’d really encourage students to use that as an opportunity to provide context to things that may have happened outside of their academic world — in regards to any effects they’ve had over the past few years on different structures of school education, different challenges they’ve faced.” have experienced,” said London. “But those additional materials can be a really great opportunity to add to their application those elements that they couldn’t incorporate through a high school transcript.”

She said universities often look for overlapping elements and want to see not just those academics, but also how many students are involved in extracurricular activities or things outside of school.

As the deadlines are weeks away, students also have time to contact the university’s admissions offices directly, which London says will answer questions and share details on exactly how to stand out from that school’s application.

But as good as the application is, there is one thing students can do wrong.

“One of the most common mistakes we see students make when looking for college, I think, is applying to institutions that they themselves may not be interested in pleasing others – be it a friend or a family member. is,” she warned. Finding the right university goes back to each individual student and that’s where we really encourage students to find a good match for you in what you’re looking for. Do your research.”

In the end, London said it’s important to stay positive.

“Keep enjoying. The university search and application process can be very daunting at times, but know that there are many resources and support out there. Really just use those resources and have fun with them. It’s a very exciting time when you’re figuring out and planning that next step,” she said.

Looking forward to once those letters of acceptance come in, London said that despite the decline in the number of COVID-19 infections, it still sees many universities and colleges continuing to offer total virtual or hybrid tours.

“Which is very exciting. So I think in terms of ways to connect and interact with different universities, you should explore options. There’s never been a time when we had so many options and ways for students to do that,” she said.

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