DFO closes Atlantic mackerel trade, bait fishery

Photo via DFO

The FFAW is shocked by a moratorium on mackerel fishing in Newfoundland and Labrador and is calling on DFO to reverse the decision.

The union calls DFO’s decision ‘a drastic step’, given the positive signs of share growth.

FFAW Chairman Keith Sullivan, who accuses DFO of incompetence, says the department is failing to adequately assess species critical to Newfoundland and Labrador’s economy and that fish harvesters and factory workers will suffer.

The union has been calling for more mackerel research for a number of years, as it says significant changes have been observed in distribution and spawning patterns that are not explained in DFO’s current investigations.

Trevor Jones, a harvester at LaScie, says harvesters know that DFO significantly underestimates mackerel biomass.

The union is calling for an urgent meeting with Secretary of State Joyce Murray to discuss the dire consequences the closure of the fishery will have on harvesters and factory workers.

Statement from DFO

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