‘Dim sum kitchen’ opens at Kampus

Yum Cha, the ‘dim sum kitchen’ that has proved a hit in Liverpool, opens in the Kampus project, opposite Canal Street. Founded by brothers Adam and Neil Wan, it will focus on small plates, Chinese roasted meats and tea.

“People can expect honest, authentic Chinese food, packed with flavor and made to share with friends and family,” said Adam Wan, who opened the first Yum Cha on Liverpool’s Lark Lane. “More than ever, people crave to spend quality time with loved ones. Yum Cha is the centuries-old tradition of coming together to exchange stories over tea and food.

“We are bringing a piece of that ancient culture to a relaxed yet stylish space in the heart of Manchester. We’ve always had big dreams to expand Yum Cha and bring our delicious, home-cooked Dim Sum to new communities and Kampus couldn’t be more perfect.

“We will be part of a family of foodies in one of the most amazing places in the city.”

As well as small plates, roasts and dumplings, there will also be larger main courses of noodles and curries, in addition to the bamboo steamers. Inside, the interior becomes “industrial chic with polished concrete, softened with lanterns, china carvings and neon lighting.”

It’s just the latest in a line of Liverpool brands that are on their way to opening their doors in Manchester. Madre, Albert Dock’s taco restaurant, is also coming to Kampus soon. It follows that Bold Street Coffee is opening a second location on University Green and Maray, which will open near Albert Square in the coming months.

It is also the newest operator to move into space in the upscale residential area of ​​Kampus, which is spread across several previously derelict buildings between Minshull Street and Chorlton Street, close to Piccadilly.

The Cloudwater Brewery is opening a brand new ‘beer hall’, while New Islington Pollen Bakery is also opening a patisserie and restaurant. Yum Cha will open later in the spring.

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