Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer sues The Athletic, former reporter, for sexual assault

Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer filed a defamation lawsuit against The Athletic and former MLB reporter Molly Knight on Tuesday for allegedly omitting bits of information in reports of an indictment against him last year.

The suit filed in the US District Court for the Central District of California, which Bauer announced in a tweet that he was submitting, accused the sports news and Knight of lighting a campaign to harass Bauer and smear his name. The lawsuit alleges that The Athletic obtained medical records from Bauer’s accuser, but “[spread] the false story” that Bauer fractured her skull, which was not shown on the prosecution’s CT scans.

The article was updated in The Athletic on Wednesday after Bauer’s representatives stated that while medical records showed that “the woman initially had signs of a skull base fracture, a subsequent CT scan found no acute fracture”.

Bauer also alleges in the lawsuit that “The Athletic’s false reporting has led to a proliferation of articles and tweets referring to a non-existent skull fracture”. The lawsuit alleges Knight tweeted false messages stating that Bauer fractured the woman’s skull.

A representative for The Athletic told The Hill that the outlet is “confident” in its coverage and intends to “defend against” [Bauer’s] claim.”

Law enforcement and MLB launched an investigation into Bauer after a woman accused him of assault last year. She claimed the Dodgers pitcher choked and beat her during sexual encounters at his home, saying she was “terrified” and “couldn’t talk and fight back.”

The Los Angeles County District Attorney announced in February that they would not press charges against Bauer, stating that they were “unable to prove the relevant charges beyond a reasonable doubt.”

In a YouTube video that Bauer released after the prosecutor’s decision, titled “The Truth,” the pitcher said he “did not materially mislead the court, as it was found that this woman did.”

“I did not attack her in any way, at any time,” Bauer claimed. “And even though we had rough consensual sex, the disturbing acts and behavior she described just didn’t occur.”

The news of the lawsuit comes after Bauer filed another lawsuit earlier this month accusing Deadspin of defamation for reporting breaking the woman’s skull.

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