Does TLC use mentally challenged ‘My 600-Lb. Castling of life?

My 600-Lb. Life has come under a lot of fire in the past for many different reasons. And now some viewers are discussing whether or not the show’s practices are exploitative.

We have seen a great diversity of guests in recent years. But does everyone have the full capacity to agree and understand what’s going on? Read on to see what Reddit thinks.

Viewers think My 600-Lb. Life guests may not have the full capacity to consent

Reddit users recently posted a very interesting discussion online.

“Anyone else who doubts the ability of some of these people to give consent?” asks the original poster. “Sean, Holly, Margaret…. These are three examples of people who we could all easily see were underdeveloped mentally. I get the sense that Lacey Buckingham and Randy (Lisa E’s boyfriend) and Seana all have similar mental disabilities that were completely overlooked by the ahem fantastic systems we have.”

“I’m starting to feel disgusted that maybe they didn’t have the full capacity to agree to have their lives broadcast on TV,” they continued. “I highly doubt the producers tell them anything other than ‘You get $2,000 to eat a meal for four people chewing with your mouth open.’ I also doubt that the people I mentioned understood what it means to be on the show, does anyone else feel really gross about picking some of the show’s topics?

My 600-Lb. Life/TLC

The post generated a mixed bag of results. Some users agreed with the original poster, while others suggested that some of the My 600-Lb. Life guys are just really immature sometimes.

Others argued that some guests come from very difficult backgrounds and that plays a role in their behavior too.

What do you think of TLC’s intentions here? Is My 600-Lb. Life exploitative to some of his guests? Leave your ideas in the comments.

plays Dr. Now a role in this?

While some viewers think TLC is exploiting some dudes, others My 600-Lb. Life fans think that Dr. Now has way too much power. In another thread, fans suggested that the show’s guests place far too much importance on what Dr. Now has to say.

He may be a great bariatric surgeon, but he’s only one man. And he can’t magically make anyone lose the weight they need.

TLC knows that many viewers are tuning in specifically to see how Dr. Now responds to difficult patients. And it’s entirely possible that they give him power to let money come in.

If you have any thoughts on the show’s practices and TLC’s involvement, let us know in the comments. We are very curious what you will find here.

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