Drake Bell Spills On Feud With Josh Peck, Claiming He Wrote A “Drake & Josh” Reboot Around Mexican Stereotypes

“How could I have texted him about his wedding on the night of his wedding…when I didn’t know there was a wedding until the day after the wedding.”

It might be 2022, but it feels like 2017 again as the infamous feud between Drake Bell and Josh Peck seems to be escalating.

If you needed a quick refresher, the former Nickelodeon co-stars were embroiled in public drama after Drake called Josh online for not inviting him to his wedding.

For context: The two played fan-favorite stepbrothers in sitcom Drake & Josh from 2004 to 2007, but apparently lost in the years that followed. When Josh married Paige O’Brien Peck ten years after the show finished filming, he didn’t feel the need to invite his former costar over.

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Drake made this public acquaintance at the time and jumped online to post a series of harsh tweets – and quickly delete them. “If you’re not invited to the wedding, the message is clear…,” he wrote. “True colors came out today. Message is loud and clear. The ties are officially broken. I will miss you, brother.”

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A few months later, the two were reunited at the Video Music Awards and their friendship seemingly reconciled. They appeared in several vlogs together and even participated in script sketches mocking their dispute.

But last week, Josh first spoke about the altercation and made a bunch of claims about what actually happened between him and Drake on the day of his wedding.

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“So I didn’t invite [Drake] to my wedding, because I hadn’t spoken to him in many, many years,” Josh recalled on the… BFFs podcast last Thursday.

“I knew Drake and I hadn’t kept in touch in the ten years since we made the show, but nobody needed to know that,” he said. “Finally, I’m getting married that night. And I see these text messages from him cursing me coming at me… on the night of my marriage.”

Recalling Drake’s infamous tweets, Josh said: “He takes to the internet and starts writing these tweets that instantly catch fire… So then he bends over and goes on this press tour about how heartbroken he is and the creation of this story. that just wasn’t true.”

He continued: “I remember a month later … I was at the Video Music Awards and I see him there, and he sees me. I go to him – and this is perhaps the most sopranos what I ever did – I look at him and I say, ‘Now go and apologize to my wife.’”

And he says, ‘Okay,’ and he made a big line for my wife, and I see him doing this whole five-minute performance of an apology. … I was like, ‘Go apologize to my wife or something bad is going to happen,’ Josh added.

Shortly after, Drake’s wife Janet Von Schmeling publicly refuted Josh’s claims, labeling him a “damn liar” in a quickly deleted Instagram story. She denied that Josh had ever threatened Drake, instead claiming that he “nicely” asked him to apologize.

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And now Drake has shared his memory of the night — as well as his take on Josh’s comments — in a brand new podcast.

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On Sunday, Drake revealed on Instagram that he and Janet had launched their own podcast entitled Drake & Janet† A number of users immediately noticed that the name, font and logo were almost identical to that of Drake & Joshsparking speculation that the podcast would be replete with more insight into the feud.

Well, not only does the episode description read “Drake spills the tea…”, but Josh’s comments from the BFFs podcast are also featured in the first few seconds.

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Janet first discusses her public reaction to Josh’s comments. “Looking back now, I’m naturally calmer. I don’t know why it upset me so much,” she says, to which Drake responds, “because you’re my wife.”

“I was there that day,” Janet recalls. “I saw [Josh] with his camera before he even came to you. I whispered in your ear and said, ‘Josh comes over, and he’s got a camera, and he’s doing vlogs with you… And then Josh comes up with his camera shaking.’”

They then show the footage in question, which was uploaded to Josh’s YouTube channel as part of a vlog called “DRAKE AND JOSH REUNION.” In the short clip, Josh approaches Drake and seems to take him by surprise. “Holy shit,” says Drake. “How are you buddy? Is this happening now, live?”

Josh tells Drake, “Please tell Facebook to be nice to me” — referencing the bout of hate he and Paige received after Drake publicly slammed him on Twitter. “Oh my god, it’s not even my fault,” Drake replies, before looking straight into the camera and telling the fans to “chill out” and “rest.”

Now recalling the day in more detail on their podcast, both Drake and Janet claim the whole exchange was lighthearted — unlike how Josh described things last week.

Janet says, “We all smiled, he laughed, he asked you to apologize — rightly so,” to which Drake adds, “And I wanted to.”

Drake then claims that Josh said to him, “Hey man, you don’t have to say sorry to me, but I really want you to say sorry to Paige.”

“I was like, ‘Yeah dude, absolutely. I’d like to say sorry to Paige,'” Drake recalls. “And that was it.”

Janet and Drake then claim that they exchanged numbers with Josh and Paige after the meeting, and that all four of them hung out with each other on different occasions – contrary to Josh’s claim that they barely communicated after the VMAs.

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“We hung out a lot,” Janet says, echoing Drake. He adds, “That bothered me. Which [Josh] was like, ‘We weren’t friends, we weren’t dating.’ … That is not true.”

Drake also refutes Josh’s claim that he sent him harsh messages on the night of his wedding. “How could I have texted him about his wedding on the night of his wedding when I didn’t know there was a wedding until the day after the wedding,” reads the onscreen text, alongside screenshots showing Drake’s tweets on June 18, while Josh’s wedding was on June 17.

Drake calls Josh up because he said the text messages came out of the blue and the two hadn’t spoken to each other in years, instead claiming they’d texted and hung out several times.

“It was just strange,” Drake says. “I mean, look. I said some spicy things. But it pissed me off, dude… I was like, man, that sucks. I wish I could have been there for you.”

“Josh and I have always had our ups and downs…Maybe it’s just because we were kids and had our own demons,” he continues. “We’ve had times when we were friends, and we’ve had times when we wanted to kill each other…but we were like brothers.”

Drake recalls more details from his and Josh’s past and claims that the two once planned to have a full Drake & Josh Restart.

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According to Drake and Janet, Josh pitched a script for the show that was based on the stepbrothers who were all grown up, and with a bunch of grosser jokes. For example, Josh had apparently wanted to spin the show’s iconic “Hug me brother” line into “Hug yourself, fuckhead” as part of a comedic new plot.

But as the couple read Josh’s alleged script, they reveal that much of the plotline centered around harmful Mexican stereotypes. Janet is from Paraguay, South America. Meanwhile, Drake now infamously uses the Campana surname on social media and made the switch to posting in Spanish last year.

“‘We’re in Mexico,'” reads Janet. “’Drake performs at a Quinceañera – a Latin celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday. It’s not your typical Quince. This only 15-year-old Elena is the daughter of the biggest drug lord in Mexico’… Really?”

She continues: “‘Her father Enriqué – the head of the cartel – sits in the middle of the party at a table surrounded by guards and beautiful women… Remember Escobar, Chapo,'” she reads, as Drake moans over the stereotypes surrounding the drug trade.

“Drake is on stage, supported by a mariachi band,” reads Janet. “‘People drink large amounts of alcohol…and take other illegal substances.'” She later adds that they’re “getting into a gunfight” and refusing to pay Drake — which, as she points out, is “another terrible stereotype” is.

Drake Says “Exactly When I’m Reading” [the script]I was like, ‘Man, I can’t represent it’ [Mexican people like that]† He and Janet call Josh’s script “a direct affront” to everything they’d built and cultivated over the years in Mexico.

Janet then reveals that the “Mexico image was just the tip of the iceberg”, and that apparently there were “so many other red flags” present in Josh’s script. She says that as a business partner, producer and wife of Drake, she couldn’t “allow” him to participate in something that perpetuated such harmful stereotypes.

“I wouldn’t let you do that script,” she says, noting that their 9-month-old son is half Paraguayan and will speak Spanish when he’s older. “You wouldn’t let yourself do it anyway,” she adds, to which Drake agrees.

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