Drivers should stay away from the M20 and A20 this weekend

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Drivers are urged not to use the A20 or M20 before this weekend to make way for lorries trapped in the traffic chaos. Ongoing misery on the roads in Kent is expected to worsen this weekend, largely due to traffic over the Easter holidays.

P&O Ferries, which still have not resumed service since the mass layoff, said sailings would be suspended this weekend and rival DFDS has reached capacity. Thousands of lorries are already parked in a 23-mile row on the M20.

The freight car park is having a knock-on effect on Kent’s surrounding roads, with vehicle checks on the M2 and residential roads with an increase in traffic. Now Maidstone Borough Council has taken a dramatic approach to the situation, begging motorists to stay away from the A20 and M20 altogether.

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The M20 is expected to remain the closed coast (east) between Junctions 8 (Leeds Castle) and 11 (Hythe).

A council spokesman said: “The closure has been a nuisance to many Maidstone residents over the past week as traffic has been diverted to the A20 at Hollingbourne and delays may worsen as traffic volume increases over the weekend. (8- April 10) during the Easter holidays.

“We caution that as P&O Ferries has canceled services, DFDS is at full capacity and possible bad weather conditions are forecast, traffic disruption over the weekend is likely to worsen with the increase in the number of people using cross-Channel services from Dover and Folkestone. .

“Many have queued for hours in recent days with traffic management for goods traffic across the Channel to join the queue on the M20. Unfortunately, the ongoing situation on the motorway has major implications for local traffic, businesses and residents around the Maidstone area with local diversions.

Detours are in place due to the increase in traffic in the run-up to the Easter holidays

“People are being asked to avoid the A20 and M20 if possible, but if they have to travel, allow extra time for their journey. There are also schemes to filter out lorries delivering local deliveries.”

MBC Chief Executive Alison Broom added: “We realize that this has been a very difficult time for our residents and the problems on the M20 have affected our communities, but we are asking them not to travel this weekend unless absolutely necessary is.

Please think about whether you really need to make that journey, because if you don’t, you could potentially avoid long delays and help keep our roads clear for essential traffic, including emergency services.

All agencies are working hard to make freight and passenger travel as fast as possible and to remove the temporary traffic regulations as soon as possible.

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