Each Anne Hathaway Performance, Ranked

Beloveds, we have gathered here today to celebrate the incomparable brilliance of Anne Jacqueline Hathaway (or Annie for close friends).

Not only is she an Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning actor, but she’s also a campy, accent-loving queen AND she was my “crush” in high school when I was still in the closet. But more important than having an Anne Hathaway-themed birthday party (to prove my sincerity, of course), is that she’s one of the most versatile artists on our screens today.

Sure, she can cry in a high-end, prestige drama, but she also serves up heartbreaking comedy in rom-coms, spandex killer realism in action movies, full-range, heaven-sent, sonic pipes in musicals, and award-winning, disembodied voice humor in animation films. Anne refuses to be boxed in, and she’s not afraid to act really weird (I’m looking at you, Serenity† She has hosted the Oscars. She hosted SNL† She licked a sledgehammer with rhinestones. And if she doesn’t EGOT, I’ll eat that thong from The Princess’s Diary beach shack scene. Seriously, Broadway producers, put this woman on stage STAT.

In honor of Anne Hathaway’s illustrious career and the arrival of the WeWork-based miniseries WeCrashedI decided to rank her appearances on both film and TV.

Cameos and voice-over roles are included, but her appearances in documentaries and as herself are not. It should also be noted that this ranking is based solely on her performances and NOT on the movies as a whole. So alas, Meryl Streep’s iconic cerulean speech in The Devil Wears Prada plays no part in this ranking, but luckily Russell Crowe’s buzz isn’t in either miserable

So let’s not go at an ice cold pace, and start counting down.

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