Eldorado Canyon Hikers Flee NCAR Fire

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BOULDER, Col. (KDVR) — Part of Boulder County is covered in smoke again — a familiar sight much too soon.

“Actually, I moved two days before the Marshall fire. So I just got all my stuff out of the car, you know, and brought it in and then we had to evacuate very dramatically,” Ben Holden said. “It was my first, like, welcome to Colorado.”

For the second time in just three months, the NCAR Fire sent thousands of people fleeing their homes. Dozens gathered at Fairview High School to watch, wait and document.

Peter Tillema was one of them. He saw houses go up in flames during the Marshall Fire, and he said this time was his turn to be displaced.

“This is the second round,” says Peter Tillema. “Enjoy the sunlight and unfortunately look at a fire. But it’s a nice way to get out and meet people and get some fresh air and not the best conditions for it.”

Holden decided to document Saturday afternoon while hiking Eldorado Canyon when he encountered the smoke and flames.

“I immediately thought, ‘Oh, this is a fire, like we should probably get off this mountain.’ So then I went around, we went around that ridge and really just saw the fire itself and people running down and trying to get out of there,” Holden said.

Holden, his dog and a group of friends have arrived safely, and he hopes everyone else along the path has too.

“What can you do? Just get out of there and crawl to safety?” said Holden.

Despite being new to Boulder, he has taken over a popular sentiment in times of struggle.

“This community is strong,” Holden said. “I’m very happy to be here with the community, and whatever happens, we will rebuild.”

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