Ending COVID asylum shows how unserious Biden is about containing migrant flow at border: Hume

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Brit Hume, senior political analyst at Fox News, worrieds as the Biden administration plans to lift COVID restrictions on asylum applications in May on “special report” Wednesday.

BRIT HUME: It’s definitely in the numbers as you point out that are really impressive. They are huge. And in these COVID-19 restrictions used by the border administration to stem at least part of the flow of the influx of these illegal immigrants, they could easily be renewed. And when you see Dr. Fauci there talked about people getting a fourth injection, talking about the possibility that we’ll need to put restrictions soon or sometime in the near future on the kind that we had before.

So as far as his government’s health experts are concerned, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. So the reasons for lifting these restrictions I think are the fact that they intend to do it, I would say, a sign of how unserious this government is about stopping the flow of migrants into the country. Note that everything you hear about this is about how our administration is bracing itself for a huge influx, another influx. You never hear what they do to stop it.


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