Exclusive: 5G to enable total transformation in India, but accessibility a big concern, says Tamil Nadu IT Minister

With the launch of 5G services in India, the nation will witness a total transformation and I must say it will be an IT revolution kind of thing, said Tamil Nadu’s Minister of Information Technology, Thiru T. Mano Thangaraj, in an exclusive conversation with Business Today.

However, the IT Minister of Tamil Nadu raised his concern about the access and affordability of technology.

“We need to see how services reaches to end consumer for these kinds of problems we need to find the solution,” IT Minister Thangrajan said. He added further that technology is not about implementation and launching, it’s about accessibility to all.

“My concern is that there are so many places where there is no connectivity that has to be addressed. We talk about 4G, we talk about 5G and lot of other technology but there is stark disparity, that disparity must be minimised everyone should have access to technology, ” he mentioned.

According to him, technology not reaching all is a serious concern and needs to be addressed immediately. Thangaraj quoting an example said, “We know, using technology, a person can get modern medicine without even visiting the hospital but how far this has been put to the practice that is a big question and a big challenge for the government at the centre and at the state that must be addressed.”

Minister who was visiting all the kiosks and was going through all use case setups meticulously at the 6th edition of Indian Mobile Congress said learning and understanding new technology is very important.

He said being an IT minister he will raise the concern with Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw and said,” Many departments are coming up with many apps and software but are they properly used, that is a big question, I will raise this with Minister that this should be regulated,” he added.

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