Fact Check: Simulated video of plane crash in Ethiopia shared as final moments before Chinese Boeing 737 crash

A passenger plane with more than 130 people on board crashed into a mountainous area of ​​China on Monday afternoon, March 21. The Boeing 737 aircraft, operated by China Eastern Airlines, reportedly crashed in Guangxian autonomous region in southern China.

Even if victims were unknown at the time of writing, a ten second video reportedly of the ill-fated flight went viral on social media.

The video, which appears to have been taken from an airplane window, has caught the sound of crying passengers. The first few seconds of the video showed the plane tumbling to the ground. He crashed just before ten seconds.

“A Boeing 737 has just crashed in southern China. This was one of the last moments recorded on the plane. maybe the only moment. Viewers’ discretion advised,” wrote one Twitter user sharing the video.

Archived versions of similar claims can be viewed here and here

The India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) found this claim to be false. The viral video was a computer-generated simulation of another plane crash that happened nearly three years ago.

AFWA probe

According to news reports, the Chinese plane crashed into a mountain. But in the viral video, we could barely see mountainous terrain. In the comments below the video, many stated that the video was that of an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashing. Others suggested it was a simulated clip.

Using this as a guideline, we started looking for images of Ethiopian Airlines. We compared the Ethiopian Airlines logo with the logo appearing on the wing of the plane in the viral video and found they were the same.

So, does this video capture the last moments of an Ethiopian Airlines plane crash? New.

We reversed frames of the viral video and it brought us to a YouTube video uploaded to a channel called Bull Bosphorus on March 11, 2019.

The video was a Ethiopian Airlines crash simulation that happened on March 10, 2019. A Boeing 737 Max crashed and claimed the lives of 157 people.

In the simulation, the viral clip will appear at 9:33 am. It was clearly stated in the video’s description: “This is not exactly what happened, this is just a simulated flight crash for Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302.”

Therefore, it can be concluded that the simulated video of the 2019 Ethiopian crash was incorrectly shared as the recent crash in southern China.

Checking facts

claimFinal moments captured on a Boeing 737 that crashed in southern China with 133 passengers and crew on board.ConclusionThis is a simulation video of the deadly Ethiopian Airlines plane crash that took place on March 10, 2019. This simulation video was created using X-Plane 11, a computer program.


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