‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​Censored Version – Disney Plus

When Marvel fans noticed that scenes from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier edited out of the original version, many wondered if the streamer was quietly censoring more violent content on the platform.

But it looks like that alternate version was uploaded by accident. Sources tell TVLine that those censored scenes were accidentally published as part of a version control issue. Disney+ is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

In an episode 3 scene titled “Power Broker,” Zemo (played by Daniel Brühl) kills Wilfred Nagel (Olli Haaskivi), the former Hydra scientist who recreated the Super Soldier Serum. The original version featured the killed man’s body covered in blood spatter with his eyes open. In the censored version, the blood was removed and his eyes were closed.

In another scene from the episode, Bucky Barnes throws a pipe through an attacker’s shoulder. In the alternate version, however, the pipe is bounced off the attacker’s body.

Talk of censorship on Disney+ increased when the platform was added daredevilJessica JonesLuke Cageiron fistthe defenders and the punisher – which were previously housed on Netflix – as well as ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on March 16.

Given the graphic nature of several of these shows — like daredevil and the punisher, which received TV-MA ratings on Netflix – Disney+ has added an update to its parental controls. This gave users the ability to select content rating restrictions for each profile and add a PIN to lock certain profiles.

What are you thinking of? Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s censored scenes? Does it have a big impact on your viewing experience? Sound off in the comments.

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