Ferne McCann’s boyfriend says ‘sorry’ when old drug video resurfaces from ‘destructive time’

Ferne McCann’s boyfriend Lorri Haines apologized emotionally after old footage was shared on social media of him showing off a suspicious powder.

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Ferne McCann’s Boyfriend Holds Mysterious Pink Powder

Ferne McCann’s boyfriend has apologized emotionally after an old video of him showing off a suspicious powder surfaced online.

Lorri Haines, who has been dating Ferne since January, was also seen snorting powder in another old photo – but said “these things don’t reflect the person I am today”.

Lorri posted on his Instagram page today, boldly admitting he screwed up in the past but insisting that he has changed his life since then.

He said: “In light of the videos circulating of me from a destructive time in my life. I want you to hear this directly from me.

“I want to start this off by saying how sorry I am that my past actions hurt the people I love most in my life now. It’s unfair that something I did a long time ago affects them.

Lorri Hayes, Ferne McCann’s boyfriend, appeared to be sniffing a suspicious substance

“I’ve changed my life for years, to be someone I can be proud of. I changed my lifestyle for the better a long time ago, but like most people I’ve made stupid mistakes, done things I’m not proud of. I never thought that these actions could hurt anyone else.

“These things don’t reflect the person I am today,” he insisted.

“While I can’t undo the past, I can only keep striving to be a better person and learn from past mistakes. The latest videos are from a long time, I would never know then how much damage they would do to me and more importantly the people in my life right now.

“I’m very sorry for that,” he concluded the post.

Devastated friends of the entrepreneur fear he’ll be targeted by villainous trolls now that he’s out in the open.

Ferne McCann with boyfriend Lorri Haines


lozzahaines / Instagram)

Sources close to him told the Daily Star: “Those close to Lorri know he comes from a very difficult background and have tremendous respect for the way he has changed his life.

“He came out of nowhere to become a very successful company and respected man.”

The source said Lorri was homeless at age 16 and had previously lived at friends’ homes because his own home was so unstable.

“He has never forgotten where he came from and the people who helped him early in life,” they explain

Ferne and Lorri have officially gone Instagram with their romance


lozzahaines / Instagram)

Ferne hasn’t commented on the video yet



“Lorri is the first to admit that he’s done things he’s not proud of. Who isn’t? That’s why he decided to go to therapy. He wanted to get the best out of his life. A lot of his baggage was not what he is to carry He does not see himself and has never seen himself as a victim He is someone who lives by the mantra ‘where there is life there is hope’ and he is positive about everything.

“His childhood was about survival, there was never any certainty. He is about making a solid future for himself and those closest to him. He has always remained grounded and humble.

“He will be mortified that his past, foolish actions will upset those closest to him. Especially Ferne, whom he adores and knows she deserves more. He sees himself as someone who helps people, not someone who brings trouble to someone’s door.

A source close to Lorri said he is former TOWIE star Ferne . ‘worships’


fernemccann / Instagram)

“Lorri is mortified that his former stupidity now embarrasses and upsets those around him.”

The source said Lorri has been undergoing therapy to get his life back on track and hopes to focus on his business and start a life with former TOWIE star Ferne.

“Nothing will stand in the way of that.”

“He wanted to speak out about the videos and that dark time in his life. Therapy is about confronting and this is exactly what he does. This isn’t easy for anyone to do, but he does it,” they added. .

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