Following on from Nick Cannon, Wendy Williams and Ellen DeGeneres, another daytime TV favorite ends its show

It’s currently a time of massive upheaval in the daytime talk show game as new faces pop up to take over hosting slots vacated by some of the biggest names. Ellen DeGeneres, Wendy Williams and Nick Cannon are all stepping out of their shows for various reasons, and now it looks like another longtime favorite will be joining them. Maury Povich will end his 31-season run with Maury later this year when the popular host will retire at age 83.

back in the days The Maury Povich Showthe long-running syndicated program that first launched in 1991 and shortened its name to Maury back in 1998. During its history, the show ran episodes and individual segments on a wide variety of different topics, but it eventually became famous for its paternity show segments in which suspicious fathers took DNA tests to see if a mother’s baby was their child.

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