Former Yale School of Medicine employee stole more than $40 million worth of electronics and bought luxury cars and homes

One thing ’bout a crook, they gon’ scheme. A former Yale School of Medicine employee pleaded guilty to stealing more than $40 million from medical school, NBC News reports.

Jamie Petrone of Lithia Springs, Georgia has pleaded guilty to “one count of wire fraud and one count of filing a false tax return in Hartford federal court on Monday,” according to a federal news release.

The 42-year-old is accused of purchasing a total of $40,504,200 worth of electronics. She would ship them to an out-of-state company and resell the items. It is said that Petrone used the money to buy “real estate, travel and expensive cars.”

The director of finance and administration began her employment at Yale in 2008. It is believed that she started scamming in 2013. According to documents, “She has purchased millions of dollars worth of electronic hardware, such as Microsoft Surface Pro tablets and iPads, from suppliers that use Yale Med funds. Petrone then arranged for the hardware to be shipped to an out-of-state company in New York, which would ship the goods.” resold,” the prosecutors said.

The money would then be transferred to Maziv Entertainment LLC, “of which Petrone is a principal, according to prosecutors.”

Because of her position at the school, she didn’t need permission to buy anything over $10,000. She would also break up purchases to avoid warning school officials. Petrone would falsify internal documents and list the purchase as items for medical school.

Petrone also “didn’t pay taxes on the money from the stolen equipment, leaving the U.S. treasury with a loss of more than $6 million,” prosecutors said.

As part of restitution, she forfeited more than $560,000, six luxury cars and three properties.

“Mrs. Petrone has accepted responsibility for her actions and is remorseful,” Petrone’s attorney, Frank J. Riccio II, told NBC News Wednesday morning. “She now looks forward to condemning some of the damage done and to recover.”

She is currently out on bail and will be sentenced on June 29.

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