Four new industrial units to be built at historic Wolverhampton site

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Some of the older factory units in Sunbeam Street, Blakenhall, Wolverhampton.

The development of the former Parker Paul site in Sunbeam Street, Blakenhall, will also include a new car park on existing surplus land.

The application was made by Mr Dudrah Jaggar, from property developers J and R Investments UK Ltd, also in Blakenhall.

A statement by Paul Simkin of Wolverhampton-based Thorne Architecture Limited – acting on behalf of Mr Jaggar – said: “The existing Class II factory buildings have provided Wolverhampton with a great heritage for over 100 years.

Increase plans for the new business premises

“Recently the buildings have undergone a refurbishment and some of the more recent buildings have been demolished to accommodate 21st century traffic – as well as to accommodate all the modern manufacturing industries attracted to the area.

“Due to the success of the renovation and redevelopment of the factory complex, there is a need for further light industrial units.

“The current vacant parking lot allows these new buildings to be built without affecting or damaging the adjacent existing units that are under curtilage list.

Plans for the new industrial units

“This urban development application concerns the construction of four light industrial units and the creation of a replacement car park on the unused unused land.

“These new units will provide further industrial production opportunities and employment opportunities in the area,” he added.

“The development site is part of the Imex Trading Estate and is on the list of listed factory buildings. The heritage is significant for its age and contribution to manufacturing in the area, along with a prime example of Victorian industrial building.

“Each of the new buildings will have minimal impact on the adjacent properties and any historical fabric will remain untouched.”

In the documentation granting permission, planning officer Andrew Johnson said, “While this area has almost full commercial/industrial use, it is a mixed character area for urban design.

“In the immediate vicinity you will find a fragmentary mix of industrial buildings from different historical periods to more modern developments.

“These new units have a simple modern design and avoid being a pastiche or architectural copy of some of the other heritage assets/older properties in the area.

“This design is appropriate in this setting and is unlikely to be featureless or detrimental to the visual experience,” he added.

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